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Our Tree Burial™ Process
How does the Tree Burial process work?
Transcend’s innovative Tree Burial process facilitates the direct transfer of nutrients from body to tree, allowing death to support new life. Before being planted, we ready and adorn the body in 100% organic flax linen that breaks down at the pace of nature. It is then laid to rest between layers of locally-upcycled wood chips that help create the perfect environment for natural decomposition. Transcend’s unique blend of fungi-enriched soil is added to ensure the tree will derive those essential nutrients directly from the body. A tree of your choice is then planted above the body and its roots form a mutually beneficial network with the fungi so that it can thrive and grow for generations to come. In this way, your biology literally becomes a tree.
Is Tree Burial safe and legal?
Yes, Tree Burial is completely safe and legal. However, there are complex regulatory and logistical challenges involved that vary based on location. Our full-service offering solves everything long before you need it—from planning to planting and everything in between.
Is everyone eligible for Tree Burial?
Yes, everybody is able to be planted as a tree in our forests regardless of age, illness, artificial limbs or implants. Come one, come all.
Can I choose what type of tree I become?
Every Transcend forest will have 7-10 different native tree species for you to choose from that are all compatible with the biodiversity needs of your specific forest location. Our tree species are selected based on geographic compatibility, longevity, durability, and beauty.
How long does it take to actually become a tree once planted?
On average it takes between 3-5 years for a body to naturally decompose, depending on geography and soil makeup. The tree will start deriving essential nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from the body within the first few months of planting, and will continue to be nourished by it for years to come.
Can I be cremated and still have a Tree Burial?
No, cremated remains can not be planted or scattered in a Transcend forest. Our bodies produce hyper-rich nutrients (even after death) that serve as the engine for the Tree Burial process. Cremation is a highly pollutive process that burns and thus destroys these nutrients, removing them from the natural cycle of life. In addition, cremated remains are highly alkaline which can be detrimental to soil and tree growth.
Can I be embalmed and still have a Tree Burial?
Due to the toxicity of embalming fluid, Transcend discourages embalming before burial. However, we do recognize that certain regulatory, logistical, and personal circumstances may require a body to be embalmed, in which case we will do our best to accommodate your specific needs.
Can I be planted with belongings like clothing or jewelry?
All bodies will be returned to their most natural form before being adorned in 100% organic, biodegradable flax linen. Anything that gets buried with or on an individual should be fully biodegradable. With that said, Transcend works closely with families to make sure their specific wishes are met on a case-by-case basis.
How does Transcend protect my tree from wild animals and prevent odors?
Transcend has specifically designed the Tree Burial process to ensure bodies are buried below the smell barrier (about 2 feet deep). This prevents wild animals from detecting bodies and odors from escaping.
Can Tree Burial take place during winter weather?
Yes, Tree Burials take place year-round. If your forest is located in a cold-weather climate, winter burials will still occur, but the tree won’t be planted until Spring. This ensures your tree is given the best opportunity to survive and thrive.
Can my Tree Burial be performed in a traditional cemetery or on my own land?
No, traditional cemeteries have strict grave density and mowing requirements that make it impossible for Tree Burials to take place. While private land burials are technically possible, you would have to go through the steps of procuring a family cemetery zoning exemption. And if the land was ever sold at some point in the future, your friends and family would lose visitation rights. This is why Transcend creates our own forests.
Transcend Forests
Where are Transcend forests located?
Transcend forests are generally located within 2-hours of select metropolitan areas. Our network of forests plan to take root across the entire US, and eventually, the whole world. To help bring a Transcend forest to your neck of the woods sooner than later, join the Future Tree movement now.
What can visitors expect during a journey through a Transcend forest?
Transcend forests are specifically designed and perpetually maintained to be beautiful points of connection between people and nature. All forests are complete with a visitor center, winding paths, and ceremonial spaces—both indoors and out. Each individual Grove is marked, GPS tracked, and easy to find so friends and family of those planted can come by anytime. You can expect to feel a deep reverence for nature and life itself.
How will my tree be marked so visitors can easily find me?
Each individual Grove in every Transcend forest is connected to a GPS tracker and marked with a beautiful, customizable plaque. Joining the Future Tree movement now awards you priority preference for Grove location in the forest.
How are Transcend forests maintained?
Transcend regularly maintains our forests to ensure all paths and shared spaces are clean and clear. In addition, our expert arborists and groundskeepers routinely care for each individual tree and Grove ecosystem so that they thrive for generations.
What happens if my tree dies?
Our devoted arborists and groundskeepers are committed to maintaining the optimal health of Transcend forests. The reason we offer Groves instead of simply trees is because each Grove is a living, evolving ecosystem unto itself…whether the tree is standing or not. With a Tree Burial you become more than just one tree, you become the whole forest. Even a felled tree provides sustenance to the ecosystem around it. That said, your personalized Grove marker will be there in perpetuity. And, if anything happens to your tree within the first 5 years of planting it, we will replant a new tree since viable nutrients will still be available to nurture it. Replanting the tree will not affect or disrupt the body in any way, and we will let you know before any replanting takes place.
What happens in the event of a forest fire or other natural disaster?
Natural disasters are just that…natural. We do everything in our power to protect against disease, invasive species, damage from fires, wind, lightning, and other inclement weather conditions. Since all Groves are ecosystems with many underground connections at play, it’s important to remember that the body is always supporting and fueling new life, even if it looks different on the outside than what you expected (a metaphor for life itself!). If a Transcend forest suffers damage, it will be strategically reforested using best available practices.
Can my pet be planted in a Transcend forest with me?
For now, Transcend forests are only for people. Oddly enough, some states even have strict regulations against pets and humans being buried in the same area. However, we do offer a Tree Burial Kit specifically designed for pets which allows you to plant them as trees close to home. We will open Transcend forests for pets in the future, so join our list to be the first to know.
How does Transcend perpetually protect forests from being developed?
Transcend forests are all under what’s called a “conservation easement.” This means they are legally protected from ever being developed so that reforestation efforts can’t be reversed. By choosing a Transcend burial, your impact is guaranteed to live on.
Can I sell my land to Transcend so it can become a forest?
While there are some regulatory and logistical challenges involved in turning land into Transcend Tree Burial forests, it’s also a deeply meaningful thing to do with your property, and there are likely compelling tax benefits. Reach out to to explore the possibility.
How can I trust that Transcend will exist in the future when I need it?
Transcend understands that you are entrusting us with one of the most profound and intimate choices you will make in your life. Executing your final wishes comes with an immense ethical responsibility, so before any forest opens, we ensure the infrastructure is in place so that it can last well beyond any of us. All Transcend forests are secured in conservation easements and perpetually preserved so that friends and family always have visitation rights and the land can never be developed. Even if Transcend were to close, all of our already performed Tree Burials would be 100% protected.
Environmental Impact
Why is Tree Burial better than cremation?
Cremation is the incineration of a perfectly nutrient-rich body. Not only does it waste valuable nutrients, it also emits massive amounts of pollutive carbon into the atmosphere (600 million pounds per year, to be exact!) along with heavy metals like mercury. To give you a sense, a single cremation has roughly the same domestic energy demands as an individual in the U.S for an entire month. On the other hand, Tree Burial removes 5.8x more carbon from the atmosphere than a cremation emits, literally cleaning the air we breathe.

In this industry, oftentimes there is no clear definition of what “all-inclusive” pricing means. When it comes to cremation, the actual cremation is typically the least expensive part of the greater cost you are likely to incur. Transcend is committed to total pricing transparency, offering one truly all-inclusive fee for the funeral service, planting ceremony, land maintenance, and more.
Why is Tree Burial better than traditional burial?
In the U.S alone, traditional cemeteries have cleared 1 million acres of land to date and each year, an additional 4 million acres of forest are cut down to create caskets. In addition, traditional burial is responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable materials currently just sitting in the ground. In contrast, Tree Burial perpetually preserves thousands of acres of land, leaves behind no waste or toxins, and plants an additional 1,000 trees for every Grove reserved. Overall, Tree Burial is 576% more sustainable than existing default options.

In this industry, oftentimes there is no clear definition of what “all-inclusive” pricing means. Transcend is committed to total pricing transparency, offering one, truly all-inclusive fee for the funeral service, planting ceremony, land maintenance, and more—and it is still half the price of the average traditional burial.
Does Tree Burial contaminate land like traditional cemeteries do?
No, Tree Burial does not harm the land in any way. The reason why cemeteries are regulated so heavily is because traditional burials can contaminate the local water supply. This is not because bodies are inherently pollutive themselves, but rather because of the massive amounts of unnecessary materials that go into the ground with the bodies like metals, lacquers, and concrete. Tree Burial doesn’t pose any risk to the water supply because we only use 100% biodegradable and non-toxic materials. In addition, our process is specially designed to utilize biofilters that prevent any leachates from adversely affecting the surrounding soil.
What differentiates Transcend from other emerging “alternative” burial/memorial options?
Tree Burial is the most regenerative, sustainable burial option in existence. Services that grant you scattering rights at the base of a tree or that turn ashes into diamonds all require cremation first and thus take a serious toll on the environment. In addition, these services are all aftermarket upsells, which means that they don’t include the costs associated with the actual cremation/burial or funeral service. Transcend’s all-inclusive fee and carbon-negative solution all serve our overarching mission to offer a better end-of-life option than what’s currently out there.
Why does Transcend plant an additional 1,000 trees for every Grove reservation?
Transcend believes that trees are the answer to the biggest challenges facing society today. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to absorb harmful carbon from our atmosphere. That’s why, in addition to planting your burial tree later, we plant 1,000 trees now for every Grove reservation made. Together, we can reforest the world through death.
How does Transcend plant trees that strategically help reforest the planet?
We’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has specialized in planting trees across the globe since 2014. To date, they’ve planted over 40 million trees in more than 43 countries, using best reforestation practices and promoting biodiversity so that their projects have real, lasting influence. For every Grove reserved, Transcend plants an additional 1,000 trees worldwide with One Tree Planted. In this way, your choice as an individual today can have a life-changing impact on the collective for generations to come.
What if everybody became a tree when they died?
While it is a nuanced conversation, scientists have discovered that planting 1.2 trillion trees is one of the most viable and effective climate solutions that currently exists. Transcend is pioneering the Future Tree movement, and planting 1,000 trees for every Grove reserved. Therefore, if 1 in 7 people choose Tree Burial, we can accomplish the goal of cleaning the air for everything and everybody.
How does choosing Tree Burial erase my lifetime carbon footprint?
For every Grove reserved, Transcend plants an additional 1,000 trees in reforestation projects across the world. This means that for every person who signs up for a Tree Burial, 1,001 trees get planted. These trees will absorb enough carbon over the course of their lifetime to fully erase your carbon footprint (based on the global average).
Logistics & Financing
What are the benefits of making a $100 contribution today?
Your $100 contribution unlocks many benefits now and in the future, for you and your people. Immediately, we are able to accelerate your impact by planting 100 trees through our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. When Grove reservations officially open, you will enjoy priority Grove placement and choice of tree species, as well as a guaranteed individual Grove price of $8,500 (regardless of future dynamic pricing). Additionally, you will have exclusive access to 0% APR financing for up to 35 years, with monthly payments as low as $25/month.
What happens after I make my $100 contribution?
Transcend passes 100% of your contribution along to our registered 501(c)(3) non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, so that they can start planting your trees ASAP. Transcend will stay in touch and update you when Grove reservations open. In the meantime, we encourage you to share with friends and family so they can save their spot in the forest with you. You can also join to learn more about what’s happening with our carbon negative, death positive movement.
Is my $100 contribution refundable?
No, your contribution is non-refundable because all $100 goes straight to our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted, so that they can immediately start planting your 100 trees. However, you are not entering into a binding contract to follow-through with a Tree Burial later, so you can change your mind at any time.
What is the total cost of a Transcend Tree Burial?
By contributing $100 today, you are guaranteed an individual Grove for $8,500, regardless of future dynamic pricing. Our one, all-inclusive fee is half the price of the average traditional burial, and can be paid down in small increments over the course of your lifetime.
What makes Transcend’s all-inclusive pricing truly all-inclusive?
While many other services claim they offer “all-inclusive” pricing, oftentimes core elements like the funeral service and land maintenance are actually not included. Throughout the process, other hidden fees disguised as "options" may also be revealed. Transcend is committed to pricing transparency with one fee which includes: the death certificate and filing fees, body transportation (within 2 hours driving distance of the forest), funeral service, planting ceremony, land maintenance, burial tree, and 1,000 additional trees planted worldwide at the time of reservation.
Is a funeral service included in Transcend’s all-inclusive price?
Transcend uniquely includes a fully-staffed funeral service and venue, as well as a planting ceremony with your Tree Burial. All Transcend funerals can be livestreamed and take place in our indoor, on-site facilities. You are also welcome to have your funeral service elsewhere, though this would incur the additional external fee of your chosen funeral home.
What does a Transcend “planting ceremony” entail?
Transcend planting ceremonies are a time for friends and family to come together and witness you being planted as a tree. Transcend provides a non-denominational facilitator to reverently lead the ceremony as well as groundskeepers to help with the physical planting process.
Can Transcend’s funeral and planting ceremonies include elements of my religion?
Yes, Transcend facilitators can incorporate elements of your religion into both your funeral and planting ceremony. Your family will be in contact with our facilitators prior to the service to discuss custom requests. You are also welcome to invite a facilitator or clergy member of your choosing, at your own expense.
Is transportation of the body to the forest included in the Tree Burial?
Yes, transportation of the body is included in our all-inclusive fee, so long as it’s within 2 hours driving distance of the forest location.
What happens if I die somewhere far away from the Transcend forest where my Grove is reserved?
Transcend will help facilitate the logistics involved in longer-distance body transportation to the forest, whether it be by air or by car. If it is beyond 2 hours driving distance, additional fees will be incurred. We will ensure those costs are approved before making any moves.
What are the benefits of reserving a Grove earlier in life?
Reserving your Grove early comes with many benefits for you, your people, and the planet—now and in the future. By reserving a Grove in advance, you accelerate your environmental impact, as Transcend starts planting trees immediately. Additionally, you ensure nobody you love gets stuck with a large unexpected bill later on, and that you are honored in a way that feels like you. Choosing to be a tree later can literally change our world now.
Does Transcend offer any payment plans or financing options?
Yes. Transcend's innovative payment plans and financing options are a core element of our model, allowing everyone to accelerate their impact regardless of age. By contributing $100 today, you’ll have exclusive access to 0% APR financing for up to 35 years, with monthly payments as low as $25/month. Future APRs have not yet been determined, which is why we encourage you to contribute $100 today to unlock these benefits.
Can I pay off my Transcend payment plan early?
Yes, you can complete your payment plan anytime or pay in-full upfront as soon as we open reservations.
Can I purchase a Grove or multiple Groves so I can be planted near family members or friends?
Yes, your Grove can be located next to anyone you specify. By being planted together, you’ll literally continue to communicate, share resources, and grow together—this time, as life-giving trees. Lock in preferential pricing, location, and benefits for them today, and when reservations open, you will be able to reserve specific Groves together.
What if I move and need to change my forest location?
Transcend is building a network of Tree Burial forests across the globe. You can transfer your Grove to any Transcend location within our network at any time.
What if a deceased family member wanted to be planted in a Transcend forest but they did not reserve a Grove in advance?
While we recommend reserving Groves in advance to accelerate environmental impact and receive early-access benefits, at-need Groves for the recently deceased will be available when reservations open.
Tree Burial for Pets
Are all pets eligible for Tree Burial?
Our Tree Burial Kit for Pets comes in two sizes: for pets up to 40 pounds, and for pets up to 90 pounds. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate larger pets at this time. All pets that fit in our burial carrier can be planted. Stay tuned for updates on additional sizes in our future.
Is it safe and legal to plant my pet?
Although Tree Burial for Pets is safe and legal, we recommend that you consult with your local municipality and housing association (if applicable) regarding pet burial regulations in private backyards as specific rules may vary.
How does the Tree Burial process help ensure my pet actually becomes a tree?
Transcend’s 100% organic and biodegradable flax linen carrier was specially designed to decompose at the pace of nature. With a young tree planted above it, Transcend’s unique fungi-enriched soil works its magic to ensure a direct connection between your pet’s nutrient-rich body and the tree’s root system.
Can I choose the type of tree my pet will become?
Yes, you can work with your local nursery to select a tree species that will thrive in the geographical area that your pet will be planted. Ask for a 1-inch caliper tree (typically 3-8 feet tall). Transcend offers a full-service Concierge option for those who would like us to take care of all the details for you (including tree sourcing, digging and planting).
Can someone help me plant my pet?
Yes. Transcend offers a Concierge service that takes care of all the details including tree sourcing, digging, and planting.
On average, how long will it take for my pet to become a tree?
On average it takes between 3-5 years for a body to naturally decompose, depending on size, geography, and soil makeup. The tree will start deriving essential nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from the body within the first few months of planting, and will continue to be nourished by it for years.
Should I purchase a Tree Burial Kit before my pet dies?
We highly recommend purchasing a kit as your pet ages or upon a terminal diagnosis to reduce stress when the time comes. You can bring the carrier with you to the vet (if needed) for ease of transportation to the burial site of your choosing.
Can I get a Tree Burial Kit from my veterinarian?
We are actively partnering with veterinarians to ensure more people have access to this meaningful and environmentally-friendly alternative to cremation. Please tell your vet about us by sending them our website!

If you are a vet and are interested in carrying the Transcend Tree Burial Kit for Pets, please contact us.
How long does it take for my Tree Burial Kit to arrive?
We understand that there can be an urgent need for our Tree Burial Kit, which is why we offer express shipping on all orders in the U.S.
Can I return or exchange my Tree Burial Kit?
We do accept returns of unused kits (the sticker on the soil tube must be unbroken). Shipping is not included. Please email us at with your order # to initiate a return.
How does the Tree Burial process protect my pet from wild animals?
Transcend has specifically designed the Tree Burial process to ensure your pet is buried below the smell barrier, which is usually about 2 feet. This is how your pet can stay protected, and ensure no odors escape from the burial site. Every Tree Burial Kit comes with a step-by-step guidebook to help walk you through the process. Transcend also offers a full-service Concierge option for those who would like for us to take care of all the details for you (including tree sourcing, digging, and planting).
Can I plant my pet during winter weather?
Tree Burials can take place year-round. During winter weather, your pet can be buried, but we recommend waiting until Spring to plant the actual tree.
What happens if I move, and I’ve already planted my pet in my backyard?
Unless the buyers of your home are excited about frequent backyard visitors… we recommend that you take seeds, fruits, or a leaf graft with you, so you can create more life from your pet’s tree in your new home.
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