Reforesting the world by
planting people and pets
as trees when they die.

Forget cremation or caskets—by choosing a Tree Burial well before you need it, your positive impact on future generations starts now.

What if everybody
became a tree
when they died?

Our bodies are filled with nutrients that can sustain trees for decades—in return, they literally clean the air we breathe and cool the planet’s rising temps. Every Tree Burial creates a healthier foundation for all life on Earth. Together we can reforest the world through death.

Turn your life into
a trillion others

Pre-planning a Tree Burial greatly benefits the planet right now. We plant 1,000 trees for every Grove reserved, which means if 1 in 7 people choose Tree Burial, 1.2 trillion trees would be planted worldwide—the amount scientists believe could meaningfully offset the most harmful effects of climate change. In this way, your choice as an individual today, can have a life-changing impact on the collective for generations.

You do life,
we’ll do the rest

Tree Burial for people and pets is safe, legal, and stress-free. Our truly all-inclusive, one-fee service takes care of everything for your burial long before you need it—from planning to planting and everything in between. Transcend’s innovative payment plans allow you to make smaller payments over the course of your life, so there are no surprises or hefty bills for your family in the end.

We’re reimagining
cemeteries as forests

Every Tree Burial takes place in a beautifully maintained, perpetually preserved Transcend forest complete with a visitor center, winding paths, ceremonial spaces and a personalized Grove marker at your tree. We’re building a global network of these forests within 2 hours of select metropolitan areas totaling thousands of acres of conserved, reforested land. Since everything in the forest is connected, your biology doesn’t just transform into a single tree, but an entire forest that friends and family can visit for generations.

Tree Burial transcends every
“big death” industry standard

Expand your horizons beyond the default of cremation or caskets with the most regenerative burial solution on Earth.

less expensive than traditional
deathcare in the U.S.
more sustainable
than cremation
reversal of your lifetime
carbon footprint
(based on global averages)

How Tree
Burial Works

How Tree
Burial Works

01 / 06

Returned to its most natural form, the body is readied for burial and adorned in 100% organic biodegradable flax linen that breaks down at the pace of nature.

02 / 06

The body is lowered onto a bed of locally upcycled wood chips that help maintain optimal oxygen levels in the soil, creating the perfect environment for natural decomposition.

03 / 06

Our unique blend of mycorrhizal-enriched fungi, soil, and wood chips is spread above the body to ensure the tree will derive essential nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus directly from it.

04 / 06

A young tree of your choice, hand-selected for longevity and beauty, is then planted. The tree’s roots form a mutually-beneficial connection with the fungi, allowing the body’s nutrients to directly feed the tree and help it grow. In this way, your biology literally becomes the tree.

05 / 06

The vast fungal network connects your tree to the entire forest. This means if you and your people are planted near each other, you will remain connected and support an entire ecosystem of life, together.

06 / 06

Friends and family will visit your tree for generations, sharing the same air in a profound experience of life beyond death.

Trees not toxins.
Groves not graves.
Creation not cremation.
Trees not toxins.
Groves not graves.
Creation not cremation.
Plant trees now,
become one later.
Plant your pet, because
they’re family too.
"There's a surge in requests for more sustainable alternatives to burial and cremation."
“Could trees be the new gravestones?”
“Our deaths can help restore the Earth and our connection to the land.”
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of reserving a Grove earlier in life?

Reserving your Grove early comes with many benefits for you, your people, and the planet—now and in the future. By reserving a Grove in advance, you accelerate your environmental impact, as Transcend starts planting trees immediately. Additionally, you ensure nobody you love gets stuck with a large unexpected bill later on, and that you are honored in a way that feels like you. Choosing to be a tree later can literally change our world now.

Why does Transcend plant an additional 1,000 trees for every Grove reservation?

Transcend believes that trees are the answer to the biggest challenges facing society today. Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to absorb harmful carbon from our atmosphere. That’s why, in addition to planting your burial tree later, we plant 1,000 trees now for every Grove reservation made. Together, we can reforest the world through death.

Can I choose what type of tree I become?

Every Transcend forest will have 7-10 different native tree species to choose from that are compatible with the biodiversity needs of your specific forest location. Our tree species are selected based on geographic compatibility, longevity, durability, and beauty.

What is the total cost of a Transcend Tree Burial?

By contributing $100 today, you are guaranteed an individual Grove for $8,500, regardless of future dynamic pricing. Our one, all-inclusive fee is half the price of the average traditional burial, and can be paid down in small increments over the course of your lifetime.

Are all pets eligible for Tree Burial?

Our Tree Burial Kit for Pets comes in two sizes: for pets up to 40 pounds, and for pets up to 90 pounds. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate larger pets at this time. All pets that fit in our burial carrier can be planted. Stay tuned for updates on additional sizes in our future.