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Tree Burial for People

While Tree Burial reservations officially open soon, the “Future Tree” movement is sprouting now. By securing your founding membership today, you are taking immediate action that helps support global reforestation without any binding commitment to our services.

Your one-time $100 membership fee unlocks:

Deep financial benefits on future services
100 trees planted immediately in high-need areas
Free members-only “Future Tree” T-shirt

Join Transcend in its mission to help all of us cultivate a healthier relationship with mortality by reconnecting us more deeply to the Earth.

Become a Future Tree | $100 - SOLD OUT!

By contributing $100 today, your future reservation cost will be capped at $8,500, regardless of any dynamic pricing. In addition, you’ll have exclusive access to 0% APR financing with monthly payments as low as $25/month. Your $100 contribution is passed on to our non-profit partner, One Tree Planted, and thus does not constitute a sale of a pre-need funerary product, as we are not executing Transcend funerary contracts until initial forest reservations open. This contribution is non-refundable and non-deductible. Benefits are subject to applicable regulatory requirements in your area. Please note, your contribution, benefits and future services are subject to Transcend’s Terms of Service.

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Be the trees you want
to see in the world

One all-inclusive funeral
& natural burial fee

100 trees planted now,
1000 upon reservation

Get planted next to
family & friends

The benefits of becoming a Future Tree (now & later)
Secure Today
Today, your $100 membership unlocks:
First choice of tree species/location when forests open
100 trees planted immediately via One Tree Planted
Free members-only “Future Tree” T-shirt
20% off Transcend's Tree Burial Kit for Pets
Capped individual Grove price of $8,500
0% APR for up to 35 years (starting at $25/month)
Note: Your contribution is not a commitment to our services
Starting soon, reservations will include:
1 burial tree with personalized memorial marker
All pre-funeral logistics (i.e. transport & legal filings)
On-site funeral service, venue, staffing, & livestream
Customizable Grove-side planting ceremony
Perpetually conserved & maintained forest Grove
1,000 trees planted globally at time of reservation
Note: Tree Burial's one, all-inclusive fee is 1/2 the price of traditional burial
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you get later

So you want to be
a tree (eventually)?

It might seem early, but taking the first step now is critical. Your $100 contribution to the Future Tree movement positively impacts you and the collective in the long run…

Pay it forward

For the average American, the cost of a funeral is the third-largest expenditure after a house and car. Our all-inclusive service offers innovative financing plans that allow you to pay off your own Grove over the course of your life, starting at $25/month. By choosing a Transcend Burial, you’re ensuring that your family doesn’t get stuck with a large unexpected bill in the end, and that you are honored in a way that feels like you.

Plant it forward

Due to the incredible carbon-absorbing power of forests, scientists believe planting 1.2 trillion trees could meaningfully offset the most harmful effects of climate change. To help reach that goal, Transcend plants 1,000 trees in reforestation projects worldwide for every Grove reserved. What’s special about our model is that we plant those trees at the time of decision—not the time of death—so that your impact is immediate and can be felt throughout your lifetime. This means that if 1 in 7 people decide they want to become a tree in the future, we’ll be able to clean the air for everything and everybody…starting today.

Let nature do its thing
Plant the Body

The body is buried in organic biodegradable flax linen along with Transcend’s unique blend of fungi-enriched soil so that it can become one with the Earth over time.

Facilitate the Connection

With a young tree planted above it, our mushrooms work their magic to ensure a direct connection between the nutrient-rich body and the tree’s root system so that the body can literally become the tree.

Commune with Nature

Gather family and friends for a ceremony in a beautiful spot that can be revisited for lifetimes. As part of the ecosystem, you live on long after death as the cycle of life continues...

Transcend Convention

Inspired by the ancient practice of natural burial, Tree Burial is fully people and Earth-centric, surpassing the limited default options available today in every way.

100% natural process
Clear, all-inclusive pricing
Reforests & conserves land
Absorbs pollutive carbon
Beautiful, natural place to visit
Allows your biology to live on
Accelerates future impact now
Creates new life
Wastes nutrient-rich bodies
Clears valuable forest land
Directly pollutes our air
Tree BurialTM is
not just for people…
Tree BurialTM is
not just for people…
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of securing my $100 membership today?

Your one-time $100 membership unlocks many benefits now and in the future, for you and your people. Immediately, we are able to accelerate your impact by planting 100 trees through our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted. When Grove reservations open, you will enjoy priority Grove placement and choice of tree species, as well as a guaranteed individual Grove price of $8,500 (regardless of future dynamic pricing). Additionally, you will have exclusive access to 0% APR financing for up to 35 years, with annual payments as low as $25/month.

Is everybody eligible for Tree Burial?

Yes, everybody is able to be planted as a tree in our forests regardless of age, illness, artificial limbs, or implants. Come one, come all.

Can I purchase a Grove or multiple Groves so I can be planted near family members or friends?

Yes, your Grove can be located next to anyone you specify. By being planted together, you’ll literally continue to communicate, share resources, and grow together—this time, as life-giving trees. Lock in preferential pricing, location and benefits for them today, and when reservations open soon, you will be able to reserve specific Groves together.

What if I move and need to change my forest location?

Transcend is building a network of Tree Burial forests across the globe. You can transfer your Grove to any Transcend location within our network at any time.

Why is Tree Burial better than cremation?

Cremation is the incineration of a perfectly nutrient-rich body. Not only does it waste valuable nutrients, it also emits massive amounts of pollutive carbon into the atmosphere (600 million pounds per year, to be exact!) along with heavy metals like mercury. To give you a sense, a single cremation has roughly the same domestic energy demands as an individual in the U.S for an entire month. On the other hand, Tree Burial removes 5.8x more carbon from the atmosphere than a cremation emits, literally cleaning the air we breathe. In this industry, oftentimes there is no clear definition of what “all-inclusive” pricing means. When it comes to cremation, the actual cremation is typically the least expensive part of the greater cost you are likely to incur. Transcend is committed to total pricing transparency, offering one truly all-inclusive fee for the funeral service, planting ceremony, land maintenance, and more.