Concierge Tree Burial

Transcend’s full-service offering takes care of everything to plant your pet as a beautiful tree close to home:

Organic, biodegradable flax linen carrier
Transcend’s unique blend of fungi-enriched soil
Preparation of the burial site (including digging)
Sourcing and planting a native tree of your choice
25 trees planted today to support reforestation worldwide

Upon purchase, a member of the Transcend care team will reach out on the soonest possible business day to coordinate details.

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Although Tree Burial is safe and legal, we recommend that you consult with your local municipality and housing association (if applicable) regarding pet burial regulations in private backyards as specific rules may vary. Please note, use of this product is subject to Transcend's Terms of Service. Please allow us a bit of time to process your order before shipping.

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Eco-friendly natural burial

25 trees planted today to support reforestation

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Stay connected with your pet close to home

Give your pet the
burial they’d want

If your pet could talk, odds are they’d ask for a Transcend burial—one where they return to the Earth, close to home and their favorite humans.

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than the default

More than 70% of pets are discarded at the vet’s office after being put down. Tree Burial allows for a more meaningful, eco-friendly way to do right by them while bringing new life to their memory.

Every pet can help
reforest the planet

Scientists have proven that one of the best ways to offset the most harmful effects of climate change is to plant trees. They estimate that planting 1.2 trillion trees could create life-changing impact for the collective. That’s why for every Transcend pet burial, 25 trees are planted globally via our non-profit reforestation partner, One Tree Planted.

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Let nature do its thing
Plant your Pet

Your pet is buried in the biodegradable flax linen carrier along with Transcend's unique blend of fungi-enriched soil so that your pet can become one with the Earth over time.

Facilitate the Connection

With a young tree planted above it, our mushrooms work their magic to ensure a direct connection between your pet's nutrient-rich body and the tree’s root system so that the body can literally become the tree.

Commune with Nature

Gather family and friends for a ceremony in a beautiful spot that can be revisited for lifetimes. As part of the ecosystem, your pet will live on long after death as the cycle of life continues...

Calling all Earth-loving veterinarians

We work directly with veterinarians to offer a more sustainable, family-friendly alternative to cremation. Get in touch.

Transcend for Vets
Tree BurialTM is
not just for pets…
Tree BurialTM is
not just for pets…
Frequently Asked Questions
Are all pets eligible for Tree Burial?

Our Tree Burial Kit for Pets comes in two sizes: for pets up to 40 pounds, and for pets up to 90 pounds. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate larger pets at this time. All pets that fit in our burial carrier can be planted. Stay tuned for updates on additional sizes in our future.

Can I choose the type of tree my pet will become?

Yes, you can work with your local nursery to select a tree species that will thrive in the geographical area that your pet will be planted. Ask for a 1-inch caliper tree (typically 3-8 feet tall). Transcend offers a full-service Concierge option for those who would like us to take care of all the details for you (including tree sourcing, digging, and planting).

Can someone help me plant my pet?

Yes. Transcend offers a Concierge service that takes care of all the details including tree sourcing, digging, and planting.

Should I purchase a Tree Burial Kit before my pet dies?

We highly recommend purchasing a kit as your pet ages or upon a terminal diagnosis to reduce stress when the time comes. You can bring the carrier with you to the vet (if needed) for ease of transportation to the burial site of your choosing.

What happens if I move, and I’ve already planted my pet in my backyard?

Unless the buyers of your home are excited about frequent backyard visitors… we recommend that you take seeds, fruits, or a leaf graft with you, so you can create more life from your pet’s tree in your new home.